Seksi Keksi (Keksi s jabukama)

seksi keksiSeksi keksi is the name I gave to a simple childhood snack my husband asks me to make every once in a while when he is craving a little something sweet without the calories and guilt. Comprised of only two ingredients–petit beurre cookies and apples–it’s shockingly delicious. The apples bring a wonderful sweetness that balances out the rather neutral flavour of the keks–sexing them up a bit, I guess you could say.  I usually like to make this in the fall when apples are in season, but since I’m still able to get some from the local farmers, I made it today. You can experiment with your favorite apples, but I know from experience that the macintosh, gala, and elstar varieties work well.

  • 2 apples, quartered
  • about 10 petit beurre cookies/biscuits (the Croatian brand Kraš works best, and can be found at a lot of Central or Eastern European food stores and even on, but other butter biscuits, like maria crackers, can be substituted)

Place the cookies in a food processor and pulse to crumble. Next add the apples and pulse well to combine. Enjoy using a cookie as a spoon!


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