Growing Garlic Greens Indoors

I love, love, love (!) garlic scapes–the green tops of the garlic plant that farmers usually trim off around June to focus the energy of the plant into growing the bulb.  They are fantastic, sort of like a scallion with garlic flavor, and perfect for all kinds of dishes like vegetarian topli sendvič, scrambled eggs, and pesto. Unfortunately, since I’ve moved to Belgium I haven’t seen them anywhere, so now I’ve decided to try my hand at growing them myself. I was a bit skeptical at first because although my living room actually does get quite a bit of light, this is after all Brussels, so its most often indirect from a gloomy overcast day. However, it worked!

It’s super easy and now I can harvest the greens every few weeks.


If you have any garlic that’s already started to sprout from the top of the clove, great! If not, a non-sprouted clove will work, as well. Simply bury the clove in a cup or pot of dirt with the tip facing up. Water a little, but not too much that it becomes water-logged. Place in a sunny location and water about once a week. That’s it!


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