Griz knedle (Semolina Soup Dumplings)

Griz knedle (semolina dumplings) are a super easy and quick alternative to noodles in your chicken soup. And often I’ll make them precisely because I’ve run out of egg noodles (and, to be honest, feel too lazy to make them.) They are wonderfully fluffy, yet somehow filling, and I swear I could eat a whole pot of just them. I didn’t do such a bang up job of dropping them in this picture (they should be a bit more shaped like this, but I was a bit rushed (time is of the essence when you have a 4 month-old!), so I honestly was a bit sloppy. But nema veza, they still tasted great!

  • 1/2 cup of semolina
  • 1 egg
  • 1 tablespoon of oil
  • salt
  • pinch of baking powder

Bring the broth (preferably chicken) to a boil then reduce the heat to medium-low.

While the broth is coming to a boil, mix all of the ingredients together in a small bowl. When the temperature has been reduced–basically to a light boil–, begin dropping the dumplings into the broth, but not on top of one another. To do this, you basically scoop the mixture with one spoon and then transfer it to the other spoon in a scooping motion. A tutorial on how to do this can be seen here (albeit in German) at the 1:00 mark.

Cover the pot (but make sure the broth doesn’t come to a hard boil again), and allow the dumplings to cook for about 5 minutes. Test to make sure they are cooked through by cutting one in half. If still hard in the center, flip them and cook for an additional few minutes.




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