Welcome to my blog!

Part recipe e-box, part storage space for the ridiculous amount of food photos I take, Sol i papar is dedicated to seasonal, local (and most of the time healthy….) eating that emphasizes the importance of food culture and tradition. Why? Because there is a wealth of knowledge there! Which food tradition? Well, mostly Croatian–and not coastal, but continental (The coast is great for music (Gibo! Urban! Oliver!!!), sun, and beaches, but there is SO much more to Croatia. The entire country is spectacular and incredibly culturally rich…..tangent! Sorry!)

Gastronomic heaven for me is where my family comes from (Karlovac) as well as my husband (Osijek). Good old central European cuisine. I also like to experiment with whatever I can find locally — whether that be in Jersey City (my former home), Zagreb (my forever home), or Brussels (my current home).

Oh and the name. So salt in Croatian is sol and pepper is papar or biber, but my baka always referred to it as “papar,” so thus “sol i papar” is “salt and pepper”–a tribute to her and her wonderfulness and all the tradition that she instilled in my cooking.

Oh and please do not use the text or images without permission. I know they are getting fabulous (helps when your husband is an amateur photographer and you get to steal his fancy equipment!), but please ask first!

Copyright Sol i Papar, 2013 – 2017.
All rights reserved.


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