Cheeses Guide

I didn’t really have an interest in cheese until I spent a semester studying abroad in France, where I was exposed to not only the BEST goat cheese I’ve ever had, but incredible wine and charcuterie.

Since moving to Belgium, cheese has become even more integral to my diet as I discovered the cheese bowl with sprinkled celery salt. OMG. There is really nothing better to go along with your beer, and trust me, Belgians know their beer…and their cheese.


IMG_3435Chimay Grand Classique is a semi-hard Trappist cheese from the same wonderful monks who also brew the famous Chimay Trappist beers. Mild and creamy with just a little bit of tang to engage your interest, but not overwhelm your tastebuds, it’s a great accompaniment to any cheese and charcuterie platter. Produced with locally sourced milk and without preservatives, what’s not to love?   ☆☆☆☆☆